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Darren Cohen Posts

Week 13 Picks

Home Line Away
Minnesota +3.5 Dallas
Jacksonville +4 Denver
Atlanta -4 Kansas City
Green Bay -6.5 Houston
Cincinnati -1 Philadelphia
New Orleans -6 Detroit
Chicago -1.5 San Francisco
New England -13 Los Angeles
Baltimore -3.5 Miami
Oakland -3 Buffalo
San Diego -3.5 Tampa Bay
Arizona -2.5 Washington
Pittsburgh -6 NYGiants
Seattle -7 Carolina
NY Jets +1.5 Indinapolis
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Week 8 NFL Picks

Got back on track last week, so here we go with week 8.

Home Line Away
Tennessee -3 Jacksonville
Cincinnati -2.5 Washington
Atlanta -3 Green Bay
Houston -2.5 Detroit
New Orleans +3 Seattle
Buffalo +6.5 New England
Cleveland +3 New York Jets
Tampa Bay -1 Oakland
Indianapolis +2.5 Kansas City
Denver -5.5 San Diego
Carolina -2.5 Arizona
Dallas -4.5 Philadelphia
Chicago +5.5 Minnesota
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Week 7 Picks

Last week was first week under water….time to get back on track!

Home Line Away
Green Bay -7.5 Chicago
Los Angeles +2.5 New York Giants
Philadelphia +3 Minnesota
Kansas City -6.5 New Orleans
Detroit -1.5 Washington
Cincinnati -10 Cleveland
Miami +3 Buffalo
Jacksonville -1 Oakland
Tennessee -3 Indianapolis
New York Jets -2.5 Baltimore
Atlanta -6 San Diego
San Fran +1.5 Tampa Bay
Pittsburgh +7.5 New England
Arizona -2 Seattle
Denver -7.5 Houston
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Michelle Obama’s Message

This video is really good, and the sad part is that it did not need that much editing. This is the discussion we are having in 2016? Trump did his best to call into question the validity of the first African American president, and now even after his coming loss in a few weeks he has called into question the validity of the first woman president.


Well Mr. Trump here is a message for you. Yes there will be a portion of the population that will never recognize a woman or a black man as the leader of their nation because they are just “deplorable” people. The reality is that 25 years ago when the first Clinton was running for president you needed a portion of those people to win. Not anymore Donald, you and your loathsome group of supporters are a shrinking minority. In a few weeks you will be nothing but what you always have been, a loser who was born on third base and is now standing on first. Bye Felicia….

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Week 6 Picks

Lines as of Thursday October 13th at 11am eastern. If you have followed over the last few weeks, I have been on a nice run.

Home Line Away
San Diego +3 Denver
New England -9 Cincinnati
NY Giants -3 Baltimore
New Orleans +3 Carolina
Miami +7.5 Pittsburgh
Chicago -2.5 Jacksonville
Buffalo -8 San Francisco
Detroit -2.5 Los Angeles
Tennessee -6.5 Cleveland
Washington +2.5 Philadelphia
Oakland -1 Kansas City
Seattle -6.5 Atlanta
Green Bay -4.5 Dallas
Houston -3.5 Indianapolis
Arizona -7.5 NY Jets
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Week 5 Picks

Home Line Away
San Francisco +3.5 Arizona
Minnesota -6 Houston
Tennessee +3.5 Miami
Cleveland -10 New England
Pittsburgh -7.5 New York Jets
Baltimore -3.5 Washington
Detroit +3 Philadelphia
Indianapolis -4.5 Chicago
Denver -5.5 Atlanta
Los Angeles -2.5 Buffalo
Oakland -4 San Diego
Dallas +1 Cincinnati
Green Bay -7 New York Giants
Carolina OFF BOARD Tampa Bay
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Week 4 NFL Picks

After a winning week 3, here are my week 4 picks. Lines as of 11:00 AM Eastern from the MGM/Mirage. As of Thursday the New England/Buffalo game is off the board.

Home Line Away
Cincinnati -7 Miami
Jacksonville +2 Indianapolis
Washington -8.5 Cleveland
New England off board Buffalo
NY Jets +2.5 Seattle
Atlanta +3 Carolina
Chicago +3 Detroit
Houston -5 Tennessee
Baltimore -3.5 Oakland
Tampa Bay +3 Denver
San Francisco +2.5 Dallas
San Diego -4 New Orleans
Arizona -8 Los Angeles
Pittsburgh -5 Kansas City
Minnesota -4.5 NY Giants
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NFL Week 3 Picks

Just having some fun.  Lines are as of 10:00AM Sunday morning (eastern time) from the MGM/Mirage sports books in Las Vegas.  Teams in bold are my picks.

Home Line Away
Cincinnati -3.5 Denver
Tennessee +1 Oakland
Buffalo +4.5 Arizona
Jacksonville +2 Baltimore
Miami -9.5 Cleveland
NY Giants -3.5 Washington
Green Bay -7 Detroit
Carolina -7 Minnesota
Seattle -10 San Francisco
Tampa Bay -3.5 Los Angeles
Philadelphia +3.5 Pittsburgh
Kansas City -3 NY Jets
Indianapolis -1 San Diego
Dallas -7 Chicago
New Orleans -3 Atlanta
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The New York Times Had One Job

Donald Trump Unveils Plan for Families in Bid for Women’s Votes – The New York Times

But in selling his case, Mr. Trump stretched the truth, saying that his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, has no such plan of her own and “never will.”

Mrs. Clinton issued her plan more than a year ago, and it guarantees up to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave for a newborn or a sick relative, financed by an increase in taxes on the wealthiest Americans. On Twitter, her campaign posted a link to her plan after Mr. Trump’s remark.

“Stretch” is the word the New York Times goes with here?  This is what is wrong with the election coverage.  The so called liberal New York Times decides to pretend this is only some minor gaffe, fact check it’s not, and makes it sound like politics as usual.  Earlier in the event Ivanka Trump made the same outrageous claim.  Hillary has had a full plan on her website since the spring, and was doing roundtable events on the subject before then.

P.S. Only offering maternal and not paternal leave is a good way to try and keep women from being able to enter the workforce.  Oh forget that actual thought as that would mean I am taking any proposal from the campaign seriously. 

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