Wildcard Weekend Picks

Home Line Away
Cincinnati -5 Las Vegas
Buffalo -4 New England
Tampa Bay -9.5 Philadelphia
Dallas -3 San Francisco
Kansas City -12.5 Pittsburgh
Los Angeles -4 Arizona

lines via Draft Kings on 1/14/22

January 14, 2022 Sports

Post 10k Bagel and Lox

November 7, 2021 Photos

My First Smartphone

Springboard is the story of a company called Handspring. This was one of the very early companies to try and make one of the very first smartphones. It had a storied legacy, it had genius founders, and it had a nonstop stream of corporate catastrophes that prevented it from being successful. The long and the short is the story of innovation and a scrappy startup trying to do something incredibly ambitious, but there were many reasons why it was not destined to succeed.

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I was all in when these came out, and am excited to watch this documentary from The Verge.

November 5, 2021 Tech

The End of an Era

Disney has started telling cable and satellite distributors that it plans to shut down ESPN Classic on Jan. 1, 2022. Its ESPN Classic 2.0 online service also will go dark. ESPN Classic joins NBCSN as the second all-sports TV channel that will go dark at the end of the year.

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I grew up watching ESPN Classic. It would always be on in the background when there were no live events on, and who can ever forget marathons of The White Shadow”?

November 4, 2021 Sports

The Only Way to Fix Daylight Savings

But I’d also like to go one step further and propose getting rid of time zones altogether. I’m hardly the first to make this suggestion; the argument has been put forth sporadically for about half a century. That’s about a third of the time we’ve had time zones, incidentally.

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I have been on this train for years so I am happy to see others jumping on. Time zones are a relic that are no longer needed. Join the revolution.

October 21, 2021

Late Night Pizza

October 19, 2021 Photos

2021 - 2022 Nhl Predictions

Atlantic Metropolitan Wild Card
Toronto Carolina New York (Islanders)
Tampa Bay Pittsburgh Boston
Florida New York (Rangers)

Central Pacific Wild Card
Colorado Las Vegas Minnesota
Winnipeg Edmonton Seattle
Dallas Los Angeles

Stanley Cup Colorado Over Florida

October 19, 2021 Sports

Deli Lunch

October 19, 2021 Photos

Post Morning 10k Breakfast

October 16, 2021 Photos

Post Game Date

September 7, 2021 Photos