NFL Picks – Week 3

Home Line Away
Browns -4.5 Steelers
Colts +5.5 Chiefs
Commanders +6.5 Eagles
Dolphins +6 Bills
Jets +5 Bengals
Patriots +2.5 Ravens
Vikings -6 Lions
Panthers +2.5 Saints
Titans +2 Raiders
Bears -2.5 Texans
Chargers -7 Jaguars
Buccaneers -1.5 Packers
Cardinals +3.5 Rams
Seahawks +1 Falcons
Broncos +1.5 49ers
Giants -1 Cowboys

Last Week: 8-8

Season: 14-18

NFL Picks – Week 2

Home Line Away
Chiefs -4 Chargers
Saints +2.5 Buccaneers
Browns -6.5 Jets
Ravens -3.5 Dolphins
Giants -2 Panthers
Jaguars +4 Colts
Steelers +2 Patriots
Lions +1.5 Commanders
Rams -10.5 Falcons
49ers -8.5 Seahawaks
Cowboys +7 Bengals
Broncos -10 Texans
Raiders -5.5 Cardinals
Packers -10 Bears
Bills -10 Titans
Eagles -2 Vikings

Last Week: 6-10

Season: 6-10

NFL Picks – Week 1

Away Line Home
Bills -2.5 Rams
Ravens -7 Jets
Colts -7 Texans
Eagles -4 Lions
49ers -7 Bears
Browns +1.5 Panthers
Steelers +6.5 Bengals
Saints -5.5 Falcons
Jaguars +2.5 Commanders
Patriots +3.5 Dolphins
Giants +5.5 Titans
Packers -1.5 Vikings
Raiders +3.5 Chargers
Chiefs -6 Cardinals
Buccaneers -2.5 Cowboys
Broncos -6.5 Seahawks

Last Week: 0-0

Season: 0-0

2022 Major League Baseball Predictions

NL East NL Central NL West
Braves Brewers Dodgers
Mets Cardinals Padres
Phillies Cubs GIants
Marlins Reds Rockies
Nationals Pirates Diamondbacks
AL East AL Central AL West
Blue Jays White Sox Astros
Yankees Twins Angels
Rays Tigers Mariners
Red Sox Royals Rangers
Orioles Guardians A’s
NL Wildcard AL Wildcard
Mets Yankees
Padres Rays
Cardinals Angels
Round Team
NLCS Winner Dodgers
ALCS Winner Yankees
Word Series Champs Dodgers

Women in Baseball

Source: Ghiroli: As we rightfully laud the next generation of women in baseball, let’s remember those who paved the way

Don’t get me wrong. Those women are talented and deserving. There’s a lot of recent progress in the sport to feel good about, especially in regards to hiring practices. Qualified women can now be hired right into a front office or coaching role and, recently, they have been. There will be a double-digit number of women in on-field roles (across all levels) in 2022, and growing numbers in front offices, broadcast booths, scouting and player development. The league and its 30 teams should be proud of that.

But shouldn’t we also be spotlighting the women who were in the game before it was so accepted? The ones who didn’t get the chance to move up, who maybe stayed in the only position they could get at the time, and who watched countless men pass them over? Maybe the sport wasn’t ready for a female GM before the Marlins hired Kim Ng in November 2020, but that doesn’t mean she was the first woman interested or potentially qualified for the role. It took Derek Jeter, who stepped down in February as the Marlins chief executive, to give Ng a chance after she already had more than 30 years in the game.

Love this piece in The Athletic. It’s very important to understand how hard the road to our current place has been, and how far we still have to go.

Great Old School NYC Subway Ads

As someone who took the subway from birth and lived through this period they really made me laugh. After decades of neglect the city made the subway a priority and it shows. Of course like cleaning up Times Square and crime reduction these things were being done long before Rudy Gulliani became mayor, but he still gets credit for it to this day. What started under Koch took off under Dinkins (who finally started getting credit years later). Also a reminder that while the last year was tough, the subway is cleaner and safer than it was just a few years ago and there is no reason to think it won’t snap back to that those levels as we move on from COVID. All that said, major investment is needed to expand and improve the system and we have a chance to do something that has not been done in generations.

The Only Way to Fix Daylight Savings

Source: Let’s Get Rid of Daylight Savings and Time Zones – Bloomberg

But I’d also like to go one step further and propose getting rid of time zones altogether. I’m hardly the first to make this suggestion; the argument has been put forth sporadically for about half a century. That’s about a third of the time we’ve had time zones, incidentally.

I have been on this train for years so I am happy to see others jumping on. Time zones are a relic that are no longer needed. Join the revolution.

My First Smartphone

Springboard is the story of a company called Handspring. This was one of the very early companies to try and make one of the very first smartphones. It had a storied legacy, it had genius founders, and it had a nonstop stream of corporate catastrophes that prevented it from being successful. The long and the short is the story of innovation and a scrappy startup trying to do something incredibly ambitious, but there were many reasons why it was not destined to succeed.

via source

I was all in when these came out, and am excited to watch this documentary from The Verge.