My College Football Final Four Prediction

We are minutes away from the big reveal. Here is what I think they do, not what I would do.

  1. Michigan
  2. Washington
  3. Alabama
  4. Florida State

December 3, 2023

A Perfect Diner Breakfast

Poached Eggs, Sausage (split and well done of course) and ToastPoached Eggs, Sausage (split and well done of course) and Toast

November 18, 2023

It Begins……

It’s Starting to look a lot like ChristmasIt’s Starting to look a lot like Christmas

November 18, 2023

Two Perfect Albums

There are just some albums that will never outlive their greatness. These are two of them where there are no songs you want to skip.

September 1, 2023

🔗 The Story of Golf in One Sentence

Inside LACC, the U.S. Open golf course that generations have kept a secret

A Texas oil man named Frank Rosenberg once attempted to buy a membership at Los Angeles Country Club. He had the money. He had the background, with so many members being old money families or oil barons. But, as the story goes, Rosenberg was denied because of his last name.

He wasn’t Jewish. But his name sounded like he was.

June 15, 2023

🔗 A Must Try Sandwich

The Untold Tale of the Artichoke Parm, the Most Mysterious Sandwich in Brooklyn

Then one day last spring I stepped inside a Brooklyn deli I’d never been to before. And there, listed between a pastrami and an eggplant parmigiana, I saw a sandwich I’d never heard of: an artichoke parmigiana.

This is going on the list immediately!

June 14, 2023