The White House Press Does It Again

Ten Questions the Press Should Have Asked President Biden - Insight

I found it hard to believe and had to check from multiple sources this was the case. And yep. The White House press corps did not ask a single question about the pandemic. This is quite revealing of how the political press is often aloof from the core problems that the country faces. Still, it’s not like we’re lacking questions about the pandemic! 

She lists ten questions that should be asked of the White House daily, and they really are not that hard to think of. It’s wild we got questions on 2024 and nothing on COVID, but definitely not unexpected.

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The Only Way to Fix Daylight Savings

Let’s Get Rid of Daylight Savings and Time Zones - Bloomberg

But I’d also like to go one step further and propose getting rid of time zones altogether. I’m hardly the first to make this suggestion; the argument has been put forth sporadically for about half a century. That’s about a third of the time we’ve had time zones, incidentally.

I have been on this train for years so I am happy to see others jumping on. Time zones are a relic that are no longer needed. Join the revolution.

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Mode(RNA) and Tesla, We the Taxpayer Built That

Tesla Got a Major Boost From 2009 U.S. Stimulus - Bloomberg

One year after Obama took office, Tesla got a $465 million federal loan to design electric vehicles and build them at a manufacturing plant in Fremont, Calif. The company went public shortly thereafter, repaid the loan early, mainstreamed the electric vehicle, and now employs about 20,000 people in the Bay Area alone. It has the second-largest market capitalization of any automaker worldwide.

Statement: Moderna Vaccine Belongs to the People - Public Citizen

Public Citizen previously published a report showing that, in addition to the U.S. government’s early investments, the government has filed patents related to the vaccine and will likely have an ownership stake in the vaccine technology. Moderna has relied on a stabilized spike protein developed by the U.S. government. The U.S. government also funded 100% of Moderna’s project to bring the vaccine to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration approval. Taxpayers also paid twice when the Trump administration paid Moderna an additional $1.5 billion to secure doses in advance.

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Jim Crow on Steroids

Every GOP run state is trying to make it harder to vote. We can be a democracy or a country that allows laws like this to become a thing, but we can’t be both.

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