Let’s Make a Deal Alabama

I know we have heard this story before, but it seems that some in Alabama want to ignore the federal court ruling on recognizing gay marriage in the state.  Alabama ignoring the courts when it comes to civil rights? I know….crazy!

The Alabama Supreme Court handed down a special ruling Tuesday, ordering a stop to the issuance of same-sex marriage licenses by probate judges.

Shortly after a federal court judge ruled Alabama’s ban on same-sex marriages is not constitutional, Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore handed down an order banning probate judges from issuing same-sex licenses.

Read More: http://www.waff.com/story/28254221/al-supreme-court-orders-halt-to-same-sex-marriage-licenses

Okay Alabama, let’s make a deal.  You continue to ignore civil rights rulings, and you don’t have to make any more payments to the federal government.  Of course in return you get no money from the federal government.  Being a welfare state you would want this since your state leaders hate all of those “takers”.  Well the whole state is a taker.  Alabama gets back $1.66 for every dollar they send to Washington.  So you want to ignore things like voting rights, civil rights, marriage rights, etc?  Fine, then the rest of the country should not have to pick up your tab.  Just don’t come calling the next time a hurricane is baring down on the coast!  This might be a bit harsh, but some of us remember that after Sandy members of the Alabama delegation in Washington voted against helping those in the north east.

Let’s just call this tough love.



They’re Really Not That Into You

Over the next few days you are going to hear this steady stream of love for Benjamin Netanyahu from from right wing politicians in the United States.  Don’t let this confuse you.

They are going to state their love for Israel, and especially for a strong leader such as their pal Bibi.  Don’t get fooled.  They like Netanyahu’s love of war as a first option, his thirst for killing Arabs (especially Muslims), and his effort to derail any peace talks with Iran.  They even like having a neo conservative leader in the Middle East.  Don’t mistake this love for anything more than this.

As we saw in Missouri this week;

Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich, a Republican candidate for governor, died on Thursday in an apparent suicide after he went public with allegations that rivals in the GOP planned to mount an anti-Semitic ‘whisper campaign” about his Jewish heritage.

The suicide came minutes after he called the Associated Press to accuse John Hancock, the head of the Missouri Republican Party. of making anti-Semitic comments about him.

Schweich was a churchgoing Episcopalian but his grandfather was Jewish.

Read more: http://forward.com/articles/215584/missouri-republican-tom-schweich-commits-suicide-a/#ixzz3TDSEXGws

In the same way the GOP rallied around Herman Cain or their newest love Ben Carson.  They will embrace you as long as you are willing to toe the party line, but they will still kill you if come home dating their daughter.  They will shake your hand, and tell you how much they love you.  Just don’t turn your back.  Oh, and  don’t forget that part that many support Israel because of some batshit crazy religious nonsense (disclaimer, I think most religious ideas are batshit crazy) about Jesus coming back.  You know the story! Jesus comes back, and the Jews of Israel convert or their blood will run through the streets of Jerusalem.  I think that was it, or will they be thrown into the fires alive?  I can’t keep up with my scripture these days.  Either way, they need us to be rounded up and brought back to Israel for it to go as planned.

A Way To Get Around Slim Margins for PC and Phone OEMs?

After Lenovo’s week from hell, I have been thinking on ways for Microsoft to get their partners to make computers without the cruft that makes these machines unusable and unsafe.  How about Microsoft shares store revenue with manufacturers that install a clean version of Windows for their users?  If you can tell Lenovo and HP that they can make money on their machines even after they are bought, that has to have some pull.  So if you user X buys $50 worth of apps from the Windows Store… $35 would go to developers, $10 would go to Microsoft, and $5 would go back to the OEM.  They can’t be making much on what they pre-install now, can they?

I think this approach would also have some Android OEMs take a look at Windows Phone if you promised them some post sale revenue.  The mobile app store has become a place people expect to spend money, so if you tell Samsung or HTC they will get a few bucks a year from each user….

Just trying to think outside the box!

Two Images That Show Off the New Microsoft

Frank Shaw, head of communications at Microsoft, tweeted this:



I do see that the individual Office apps are running on an Android phone.  This would be an update to the current Office Mobile, and would be the same as iOS and Windows Phone 10 (at launch).


…and then when you open the Sunrise app on Android you are greeted with this image:

2015-02-12 05.18.46


Amazon WorkMail

During the last few minutes of yesterday’s recording of the Agnostic Tech Podcast I went on a little rant about Microsoft missing the big picture.  I have said this so many times over the last few years, and in that time Microsoft has changed directions, pivoted, started and stopped strategies, etc to the point where they keep putting themselves behind the eight ball in their most important place.  That place is their devices running Windows in the hands of users.

Twenty years ago you did not go into many server rooms and see many machines running Windows Server (Workgroups or NT).  That started to change in time largely due to Microsoft’s dominant desktop operating system that was living on every desk in every office.  Over time many corporations and small businesses changed over to Windows Server, Exchange Server, SQL server, and so on.  Now from a device standpoint, including mobile, Windows is no longer a dominant force in the front office.  This is leaving the door open for competitors to steal Microsoft’s core money making business.

Google for Work (Google Apps) got a lot of press, but Google is looked at as a consumer company by many, so while Apps got some traction in education and small business their impact in the enterprise was minimal.  In steps Amazon, a company that is doing incredibly well with Amazon Web Services, with WorkMail.  This is a direct competitor to Microsoft’s cloud offering of hosted Exchange, but more importantly gives companies another place to go when they start to look to move their mail off site.  If most of their users aren’t using Windows, why should they stick with Microsoft on the back end?

Amazon Changes The Game Again–AWS Introduces WorkMail via Forbes