My First Smartphone

Springboard is the story of a company called Handspring. This was one of the very early companies to try and make one of the very first smartphones. It had a storied legacy, it had genius founders, and it had a nonstop stream of corporate catastrophes that prevented it from being successful. The long and the short is the story of innovation and a scrappy startup trying to do something incredibly ambitious, but there were many reasons why it was not destined to succeed.

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I was all in when these came out, and am excited to watch this documentary from The Verge.

Another Year, Another Huge Update to Drafts on iOS/MacOS

Source: Drafts 28

For example, one of the biggest parts of this year’s fall update is the all-new watchOS app, completely rewritten in Swift. This isn’t a small undertaking, but it takes the already fantastic watch app and adds additional functionality. It retains everything that it had before, but adds the ability for multiple compilation types. If you really want, you can now have an all-Drafts watch face. Another nice feature, and one I’ve wanted for a while, is the inbox count reflecting the default workspace options; this means I no longer need to see 60+ drafts in my inbox, but rather only a handful that I want to keep in an inbox.

This is the best roundup of the update I have found, but Drafts continues to just get better and better. It’s such an impressive app from which shows what an independent (1 person) developer can do. The Watch update is insanely good.