ZDNET Should be Ashamed

iOS, Android, and Windows too: Quit your bitching and upgrade already


Author: Jason Perlow

But I will save you some time in the upgrade decision process. If your computer is four years old or more, it’s probably time to say goodbye. If your PC only has 1GB or 2GB of RAM, don’t even attempt the OS upgrade. Go buy a new one, or spend a little bit of money on a memory upgrade if your system can accommodate it. You’ll be way, way happier with your system’s overall performance.

I get it. You don’t want your software updated or upgraded. You believe your system is static, that if it works now, it will continue to work the same as it does always. You don’t want to change, because that would mean acquiring new skills, or doing something differently.

Or worse — the possibility of having to spend money. You’ll be damned if that awful, evil vendor makes you spend more of your hard-earned cash.

I read this awful article the other day, and just laughed and closed the tab. Then this morning I see on Twitter that the author of this piece works for Microsoft. That is right, an online tech publication that has earned the trust of many readers allows an employee of Microsoft to spam their site with this garbage. Everyone involved should be ashamed, and any journalistic entity that allows this should be not called a journalistic entity, but a PR mouthpiece for corporations.

Maybe Mr. Perlow would like to answer my e-mails and calls from people who have been screwed by the Windows 10 upgrade. Maybe ZDNET would like to send out teams of people to help small businesses that have had their point of sale terminals become unusable or have had their accounting software refuse to open.

Lastly maybe Microsoft should learn that allowing employees to do this does nothing but hurt the image of their own company. This is failure all around. We should demand better.

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