Windows 8 Phone Tip- Send Photos Via Facebook

I was reading comments online about the new Windows Phone and found someone asking how to send a photo to a friend on Facebook in a private message.  To be honest I never knew that you could attach an image to a private message on Facebook until now.  That feature seems to exclude us WindowsPhone 8 users.  After a few minutes of brainstorming, I have found a solution until this feature is added to the OS (one can hope).  I will give detailed instructions below, but in summary you are going to create a new friends list that only includes the one person you are sharing with, and then upload photos with only that group allowed to view.

  • On your desktop go to
  • On the left side of the page, find where it says “Friends” (hint: you might have to hit more)


  • Now in the main area of your page you will see a button that says “create list”


  • Give your list a title and select what friends you want to give access
  • Click “Create”
  • Click on the new group you created and it will bring up a wall that shows what you have shared (should be empty)
  • Click “Create Photo Album” and select any random picture from your computer (it makes you add at least 1 photo to create album)
  • Before you hit “post photos” select your new custom list right to left of the “post photos” button
  • Now click “post photos”


  • Now on your Windows Phone 8 device go to your Facebook App (not photo hub)
  • Slide left to bring up a list of options (profile, friends, messages, etc) and find “photos” which will be under apps
  • Find the album your just created and open it
  • Finally hit “+” on the bottom of your screen and add your photos

Now this might seem like a lot of steps to go through when you can just e-mail or message a picture to someone.  However, many people like to use Facebook to share photos with a significant other or friend.

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