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Windows 10, We Have A Problem….

These headlines have shown up in my RSS reader over the last few days.  I can’t argue with any of them.  Since the Windows 10 launch it has been obvious the package delivered to users was not ready for prime time.  I have had issues with Mail, Edge, and some awful problems with Action Center that took me editing the registry to fix.  For the most part the OS has been “okay”, but the built in apps that shipped with Windows 10 were not ready.  Given that Microsoft’s big sell with Windows 10 was the new universal app platform this is a shame.  Even those that are okay with operating system will give apps like Edge a try, and never go back.  So Microsoft may fix the bugs, but shipping bad software is going to harm the long term impact of the universal app store.  Does it really help Microsoft if users upgrade to Windows 10, but still use just win32 apps like Chrome, iTunes, etc like they did on their Windows 7 machines?
Many had issues with the user interface of Windows 8, but that operating system launched in a much better working state.

P.S. Bring back OneDrive Placeholders.

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