Windows 10 Privacy Matters

There has been a lot of stuff out there about Windows 10 and the new privacy settings that come with the new operating system.  While much of this is overblown it does not matter.

The Windows division of Microsoft makes a majority of their money by selling the product to the enterprise.  These are the same customers that will be the most sensitive to privacy concerns.  That is why with each day, and each new article written about Windows 10 privacy it is going to make it less and less likely that enterprise customers jump on the upgrade bandwagon in the near future.  Sadly whether the stories that are being written are based on fact or fiction, it does not matter.  Microsoft now has a PR problem, and they need to respond quickly and loudly.  

Many consumers are ready to trade some privacy for features.  The business community is going to be a lot slower to adopt that model.  Microsoft has to fight back against these memes that are now becoming the norm on the internet.  That is if all of these articles are actually wrong?

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