Why Joe, Why?

Joe Belfiore took to Twitter today to clear up some questions regarding Windows 10.
First he confirmed that the task bar is there to stay in tablet mode.  I can’t imagine that anyone thinks that you want a task bar on an 8 inch tablet. (Paul Thurrott has some good images over at thurrott.com)

 It gets worse.  He then confirmed that any device over 8 inches will include the desktop and win32 app support.  I can’t tell you the amount of people I see everyday using their iPad with a keyboard, and slowly more and more of the Samsung Note Pro devices.  They could have full computers for that price, but they don’t for a reason.  Now we have confirmation that Microsoft does not want to compete in that market.  Microsoft is under the false assumption that price alone will draw people to the PC.  Many users like that their iPad just does what it does.  It doesn’t run legacy apps, which means it does not have legacy issues.  Microsoft has a version of Windows that could do the same, but alas they decided to throw in the white towel.

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