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Never-Trump Confidential –

Brothers can share that kind of joke, but for many people now in Trump’s camp, criticizing their leader is a serious offense, and I’ve been hearing from plenty of them. I am a Never-Trump Republican, as we’ve come to be known, part of the alliance of conservatives implacably opposed to the idea of Donald J. Trump becoming president of the United States. It’s a position that has estranged me from a plurality of my own party and put me at odd with friends, family, colleagues and a political movement that increasingly has taken on the character of an angry cult.

From last summer, but still important to read how conservatives are dealing with Trump.

‘The Internet Is Broken’: @ev Is Trying to Salvage It –

“I thought once everybody could speak freely and exchange information and ideas, the world is automatically going to be a better place,” Mr. Williams says. “I was wrong about that.”

Was he ever wrong about that! He wasn’t the only one, but now what? That is a question for all of us.

Prosecutor: Trump tax issues may echo Nixon | MSNBC

Comparisons between Donald Trump and Richard Nixon have been coming hot and heavy, but Ari Melber has got one you might not have heard much about and it involves tax returns.

A video definitely worth watching

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