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Federalism for the Left and the Right – WSJ

The framers of the Constitution would be pleased with this emerging consensus. By creating a national government with limited powers, they intended to allow the states and local governments to pursue a range of different policies on matters within what used to be called their “police powers”—that is, their authority to regulate behavior, maintain order and promote the public good within their own territory. The founders considered this arrangement the best way to protect liberty and diversity of opinion, as well as to defend political minorities from nationalist tyranny and concentrated power.

I don’t agree with the premise of the article, but it’s a really smart read.

Melania concerned with Spicer’s job performance: report | TheHill

An outside adviser who regularly speaks to the president told Politico that Melania Trump is concerned Spicer is not doing a good enough job in defending her husband.

Preibus leaving trip early, and now this? That part of West Wing should not get comfortable in the new digs.

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