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White House looking at ethics rule to weaken special investigation – sources | Reuters

The Trump administration is exploring whether it can use an obscure ethics rule to undermine the special counsel investigation into ties between President Donald Trump’s campaign team and Russia, two people familiar with White House thinking said on Friday.

In hometown of Allendale, James Comey is no ‘nut job,’ but principled career man

“I never was crazy about Trump,” J. Brien Comey, 86, a Republican and a former borough councilman, said in an interview. “I’m convinced that he’s nuts. I thought he belonged in an institution. He was crazy before he became president. Now he’s really crazy.”

The humble power of immigrant restaurants: ‘You can’t hate someone if you like their food’ – The Washington Post

Someone could make an argument against me on each accusation, but I think any such discussions need to consider motivation and action. My motivation is to understand cuisines and pass along my knowledge, no matter how limited. My behavior is to enter every unfamiliar restaurant with humility because I know the roles are reversed, and I am the minority in the micro-culture of the immigrant restaurant. I respect this new world and try not to place the values of another restaurant culture upon it. It’s sometimes easier said than done, particularly in a restaurant that doesn’t share the sense of hospitality found at, say, Rose’s Luxury.

A Toothy Strongman Gets a Role at the Met Opera – The New York Times

In what will surely go down in the annals of opera as one of the most unusual auditions ever held at the Met, the British director Phelim McDermott was at the theater on Tuesday evening, casting his new production of Mozart’s “Così Fan Tutte” for next season, when he asked one of the aspirants the usual question: “Do you want to do something?”

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