Nov 13 2019

We are Doomed

Consequential, but dull: Trump impeachment hearings begin without a bang - Reuters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic lawmakers tried their hand at reality television with mixed results on Wednesday as they presented arguments to the American public for the impeachment of a former star of the genre, Donald Trump.

Unlike the best reality TV shows - not to mention the Trump presidency itself - fireworks and explosive moments were scarce, however.

Democrats need the hearings to resonate with the broader American public to gain support for a process that could lead to the impeachment and removal of the Republican commander-in-chief.

Through hours of testimony and questioning that aired live on U.S. broadcast and cable networks, the proceedings were rather staid, with only the occasional raised voice or snippy retort.

To the president’s son, Eric Trump, it was a big yawn.

This is how Reuters covered impeachment. Someone needs to get Adam Schiff on the phone and let him know he needs to get Neil Patrick Harris to do an opening medley for the next hearing as the reality show was getting dull for this poor media member and Eric Trump.