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Victim Blaming is Never Okay

I was listening to the latest Media Podcast from Sports Illustrated, and something bothered me.  The guest was ESPN studio host Sage Steele.  The host Richard Deitsch asked a great question to a female guest involved in sports, and the answer led me to write this post.
The question was about online harassment.  Her answer infurated me.  She said that many of the young female sports anchors get harassed online because of “the way they dress”.  I would love to hear responses from people like Katie Nolan and Jemele Hill who get the most repulsive comments and tweets on twitter, and no Sage it is not because of what they wear.

The segment is a little past the 54 minute mark.

Given her answer, here are some tweets she has gotten recently.  I am sure male hosts get the same.



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