Twitter: What I Use

I get this question a lot.  What Twitter client do you use on X platform?  So now I can just send them here.  First let’s get this out of the way.  I don’t use the actual first party Twitter client on anything.



Fenix – I have been using Fenix for a few months, and am thrilled with how it works.  It is used daily on my Samsung Galaxy S5 and Nexus 7.  The black theme and easy navigation have made this my go to.  Other good options are Talon and Falcon which just came out with a new version today.

Download Fenix from Google Play

Windows & Windows Phone


Tweetium – The future of Windows is universal apps, and Tweetium is living in the future now.  This app works on Windows Phone 8.1 and your PC running Windows 8.1 or higher. I use it on a Lumia 1520 and Surface.  This is the type of app Microsoft had in mind when they designed the new modern interface.  If there were more apps like this the story in Windows Phone land could be a lot different.  For those users looking for a Windows desktop app, launch Tweetdeck in your browser.  The only app I liked is gone! R.I.P. MetroTwit.

Download Tweetium for Windows 8

Download Tweetium for Windows Phone

Mac OS X and iOS


Tweetbot – I have not been in the world of OS X for a while, but have heard a lot of the chatter about Tweetbot.  I used it on an iPhone and was super pleased, and now that I have a Retina MacBook Pro I see why users love this app.  From design to ease of use this app gets it all right.  Just beware many users complain about the lack of updates to the iPad version of the app.  If you have an iPhone or a Mac, get this app now.

Download Tweetbot for iOS 

Download Tweetbot for Mac OS X


I will keep this post updated as I change the apps I use which seems to happen quite often.  What are you using to connect to Twitter on your device?

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