Trump’s kids are cashing in on his campaign

Trump’s kids are cashing in on his campaign | VICE News

In July alone, Trump’s campaign paid $169,758.33 in rent to Trump Tower Corporation LLC, $48,239.77 for rent and catering at Trump National Golf Club in Weschester, $1,000 to Trump Restaurants LLC, and $428.53 worth of Trump’s bottled water Trump Ice. In May, Trump’s campaign spent $3,938.58 at the vineyard run by his son Eric. Campaign dollars are also funneled to allies of Trump’s children. Each month, the campaign spends millions on apparel like the “Make America Great Again” trucker hats. The manufacturer, Ace Specialties, is owned by Christl Mahfouz, a board member on Eric Trump’s charitable foundation.

At least money given to Clinton Foundation goes to a charity that has an A rating with Charity Watch.  While the pundits argue whether that creates a problem, the Trump campaign is taking donations directly into their pockets. When your world is leveraged in debt owned to China every dollar helps.  Make sure to donate to “the Donald” as his 757 must be up for a maintenance overhaul soon. 

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