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Today on my Twitter

  • RT @joshtpm: Wikileaks now basically a front used to elect far right and fascist candidates in Europe. 21:17:03
  • Oh good two people who helped destroy the ACA……good get CNN. 22:08:54
  • The Democrats should filibuster, the GOP will get rid of the stupid rule….. Then we go on….. 22:10:08
  • You know that Garland guy has some GOP members still in senate that voted for him…..didn’t seem to matter did it? 22:14:07
  • RT @kenvogel: Trump's campaign paid his companies another $204k after his Election Day victory, according to an @FEC report filed this even… 22:17:28
  • assimilate to what? your 1700’s backwards idea of civilization, no thanks! Not vey “tolerant” of you either….. 22:50:24
  • RT @ddale8: Iraqi man worked with US special forces, became American, opened business. His mom was barred under Trump ban, died. https://t.… 23:01:08
  • RT @ddale8: A badly burned Iraqi boy is in the US for care. His parents – who named a kid Trump – are banned from seeing him.… 23:01:12
  • RT @ChrisMurphyCT: It's just me. I do my own tweeting. And you seem lovely, but I'm a little busy these days – don't have time to take on c… 23:23:17
  • Watching @NicolleDWallace obliterate Mr. 17% Christie on MSNBC is quite something. 23:30:05
  • My twitter stream has become @EricaGrieder and @greta bopping people on head…..both interesting follows for different reasons btw. 23:52:07