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Today on my Twitter

  • Well this could be the first real GOP vs. Trump fight…. @jbarro 18:43:05
  • He went with gold…… 20:10:40
  • The Piano Guys are playing Fight Song at Trump inaugural party….not sure who they are trolling, but I am here for it. 20:44:55
  • “And now, the end is near
    And so I face the final curtain” Trump choice for first dance…… 21:41:56
  • Trump calls people who disagree with him “enemies”…..just said it during on the balls, this is the easy day. Now going after media…. 22:08:54
  • RT @joanwalsh: He's talking about his "enemies" at an inaugural ball…shut up and dance with your wife… 22:15:06
  • CNN now…… 22:21:49
  • RT @BFriedmanDC: State Department employee just described to me what he heard today about Trump's careful planning to bring in "the best pe… 22:35:04
  • You know the TPP was our way of stopping China from doing all the things Trump yells about? Well about that…… 22:39:46
  • Bob Dole 23:32:39