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Today on my Twitter

  • I wholeheartedly “refute” the premise of this tweet. 10:44:53
  • Comey putting the hooker line in his prepared remarks is begging a senator to ask him about this…… so which senator goes pee pee? 🚿 13:45:04
  • Warren Zevon really wrote a song about Trump! 14:01:59
  • RT @ditzkoff: The opening of The Godfather is about a parent who is frustrated that people keep getting in the way of him attending his dau… 14:16:10
  • RT @yashar: NEW: Remember the Melania Trump cyberbullying initiative? Well it's toast. @anniekarni reports https://… 19:18:52
  • Man the NBA really trying to steal the NHL thunder…. Rascal Flatts singing national anthem in Cleveland tonight! 20:05:08
  • RT @backlon: Don't worry everybody, Chrome is definitely not the new IE. Definitely not. No parallel to draw there at all. Where'd you get… 20:59:11