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Today on my Twitter

  • Mets with the early Touchdown on the Padres…. 18:39:35
  • You know what makes economic sense….SNAP (food stamps). It’s tax money that gets spent at US companies, right into economy. 18:42:58
  • That is the economic view for something that we should be doing out of compassion anyway. in reply to RealDarrenCohen 18:43:19
  • On the day Trump met with Abbas btw…..and wow Trump was the grown up in Israel, that is saying something. This is g… 19:37:48
  • What happens to podcasts when the subscription economy (every product ad it seems) goes bust….which it will 19:52:45
  • Whee Mets Win! 📘📘📘📚📚📚 #LGM #Mets 21:07:53
  • Bobby Ryan, American hero, is taking over the Canadian capital and the residents have taken his side over captain Canada. #Sens 21:44:07
  • The ESPN baseball telecast right now is so much better than Sunday night…… 23:04:59
  • Goodnight Twitter:
    Mets won!
    Sens forced a game 7!
    World War was not started during first few days of Trump Trip.

    A Good Day 23:30:00