They’re Really Not That Into You

Over the next few days you are going to hear this steady stream of love for Benjamin Netanyahu from from right wing politicians in the United States.  Don’t let this confuse you.
They are going to state their love for Israel, and especially for a strong leader such as their pal Bibi.  Don’t get fooled.  They like Netanyahu’s love of war as a first option, his thirst for killing Arabs (especially Muslims), and his effort to derail any peace talks with Iran.  They even like having a neo conservative leader in the Middle East.  Don’t mistake this love for anything more than this.

As we saw in Missouri this week;

Missouri State Auditor Tom Schweich, a Republican candidate for governor, died on Thursday in an apparent suicide after he went public with allegations that rivals in the GOP planned to mount an anti-Semitic ‘whisper campaign” about his Jewish heritage.

The suicide came minutes after he called the Associated Press to accuse John Hancock, the head of the Missouri Republican Party. of making anti-Semitic comments about him.

Schweich was a churchgoing Episcopalian but his grandfather was Jewish.

Read more: http://forward.com/articles/215584/missouri-republican-tom-schweich-commits-suicide-a/#ixzz3TDSEXGws

In the same way the GOP rallied around Herman Cain or their newest love Ben Carson.  They will embrace you as long as you are willing to toe the party line, but they will still kill you if come home dating their daughter.  They will shake your hand, and tell you how much they love you.  Just don’t turn your back.  Oh, and  don’t forget that part that many support Israel because of some batshit crazy religious nonsense (disclaimer, I think most religious ideas are batshit crazy) about Jesus coming back.  You know the story! Jesus comes back, and the Jews of Israel convert or their blood will run through the streets of Jerusalem.  I think that was it, or will they be thrown into the fires alive?  I can’t keep up with my scripture these days.  Either way, they need us to be rounded up and brought back to Israel for it to go as planned.

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