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The Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, to Buy or not to Buy?

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We are now just a few days away from the launch of Microsoft’s new Surface Book and Surface Pro 4, so the question is to buy or not to buy?

One of the bigger issues for me with the previous versions of the Surface Pro was the keyboard. The Touch Cover that sold with early iterations of the product were not usable for anything more than typing a few words, and while the Type Cover was better, I never felt comfortable typing with it for long periods of time.

There is some good news. The new Type Cover is by far the best keyboard ever to ship with the Surface. Even better news is that if you already have a Surface Pro 3, this keyboard will work for you as well. Outside of the much better typing experience you also get a new much improved touchpad. This was easy to see in just a few minutes using the device.

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