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The NFL is Playing a Dangerous Game

Fred Taylor Says Team Doctors Overlooked His Injuries, Allowed Him To Play Hurt

Former Jaguars running back Fred Taylor retired from the NFL in 2010, bringing an end to an impressive 13-year career that was nevertheless marred by injuries. Today, Taylor is claiming that he unknowingly played hurt throughout his career due to the negligence of his team’s doctors:

The NFL is sitting on top of the sports world.  They act as if they are not touchable by any scandal.  Well one day they will wake up and realize the whole system has collapsed.  We know football is a brutal and dangerous sport.  They owe it to the players who are willing to put their body on the line to at the least give good medical care.  Instead we hear more and more stories like Taylor’s.

I love football.  Football Sunday’s are a holiday in my mind every week.  They are making it harder and harder to put these stories in the back of mind, and to just enjoy the game.  I will be watching week 1, so maybe I am a hypocrite.  Like me I am sure there are many more who have uneasy feelings about watching the game they love, and they could lose a large chunk of fans with one bad incident.  Get your house in order!

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