The New Macbook Might Not Be For You, but Say Thank You

As everyone knows by now Apple did not just introduce a watch on Monday, they showed off their new Macbook.  A really light and thin laptop that has only one port.  That is right, one USB-C port that is used to charge your device as well as being the only way to connect peripherals to your new laptop.  Judging by the reaction of some you would think Apple just killed their dog.

Let’s start with the obvious.  You don’t have to buy the device, or use the device.  In fact if having one port is that upsetting to you that you need to spend four days tweeting about it, you might want to look elsewhere or find a new hobby.  Like Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 or Google’s Pixel, this device is made to serve a niche audience.  If you are a user that rarely or never connects external devices (more users than you think) or you’re a user that considers portability and weight more important than processing power, this device might be for you.

What is amazing is that the same people who will bash Apple for every device they make are using devices that Apple has made better.  Does anyone want to go back and look at what laptops looked like when Apple introduced the first MacBook Air?  The Air pushed all PC makers to make ultrabooks that their customers were now demanding.  Every PC OEM is still trying to catch up with Apple in regards to touchpads.  While many have improved, I still have not used one that is in the same ballpark.  So this new laptop might not be for you, but chances are it will make the laptop you buy in a year or two better.

With Apple making crazy amounts of money in mobile, I am happy they continue to improve and innovate their relatively small PC business.  Thanks to their control over hardware and software, they are in a unique position to push the envelope where others have to be more conservative.  As consumers we should applaud all companies for innovating, and trying to improve.  Whether HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, Samsung, or Apple.  When all of these companies push each other, we win.  As always buy the best device for you, but instead of mocking others for their decisions try stepping back and seeing what else is out there.

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