NFL Predictions 2021 -2022

selective focus close up photo of brown wilson pigskin football on green grass
AFC EastPatriots
AFC SouthTitans
AFC NorthBrowns
AFC WestChiefs
NFC EastWashington
NFC SouthBuccaneers
NFC NorthPackers
NFC WestRams
AFC WildcardsBillsSteelersRaiders
NFC WildcardsSaintsSeahawks Panthers

NFC Champion: Rams

AFC Champion: Chiefs

Super Bowl Champions: Rams

The Newsletters Chosen for my Inbox

It seems that every media outlet, company, and person on the internet has a newsletter now. For a while I signed up for so many that I ended up reading none. Now I have paired down what reaches my inbox, and it feels like a perfect balance. Here are the newsletters that I find are must read.

The Daily Book – New York Times

Theatre Update – New York Times

Reliable Sources – CNN

The Morning Brew

Stratechery (Subscription) – Ben Thompson

The Interface – The Verge