Wow, They Believed Their Own Bullsh*t

CBS has a must read article up discussing the Romney campaign’s reaction to the election.  You can read it here.
Every national campaign has a ton of staff who read polls, does their own polling, targets voters, etc.  For a campaign to be successful you need those people to do their jobs right.  It seems that in the Romney campaign those staffers just fed the boss the BS he wanted to hear.  Going into election day the polls and analysts agreed that Obama had an easier path to victory.  No one said the election was over, however the fact the Romney campaign did not think there was a way they could lose is mind boggling.  They just made up numbers to fit what they hoped to be true.

An adviser said “I don’t think there was one person who saw this coming.”

You are telling me that not one person in the room thought they could lose? It really is a good thing that these people didn’t have to decide whether to send us to war.  Lastly, they never even wrote a concession speech.  You always write a victory speech and a concession speech because you don’t want to tempt fate.  I don’t think Mitt Romney ever thought there was something in this world he could not buy.

Is CNN For Real?

CNN just posted on their website an article titled “Is Obama ‘The Wrong Kind Of Christian“.  Now you can read this crap for yourself, but it makes me wonder what world I am living in.

We have one candidate who tells us that he won’t impose his religious views on the people, and then another candidate who tells us that his faith leads him to every decision.  Romney is so devout that he has never had a sip of alcohol or coffee, was a pastor in the church for ten years, went on a mission to spread the ‘Book of Mormon’ to get out of serving in Vietnam, gives millions of dollars a year to the church, and yet somehow his religion has become taboo to speak about.

I have to wonder if Mitt Romney’s middle name was Hussein, or if his skin was a little darker that he might be getting a few more questions about being so involved in his faith?  Next time you hear Mitt Romney decry the outrage of gay marriage based on his beliefs and the beliefs of “the creator”, maybe you should read up on what else he believes in. If the media wants to have this debate, let’s have it.  I want the moderator tonight to ask if Mitt is wearing his magic underwear?

Women in Mitt Romney’s America

In Mitt Romney’s America, women are able to work as long as they accept less pay for the same job. However, that woman better be able to get home and have dinner on the table by 5:00 PM. Mitt will not stand for a woman not having dinner on the table when her man walks in the door!
I can’t believe in 2012 a candidate for President goes on TV in a debate and says this crap. Let alone insulting every single parent over and over again while standing on the stage with THE PRESIDENT who is the product of a single parent household.

It also takes some guts for Romney to keep talking about his father being an immigrant from Mexico in answering the question on immigration.  Romney’s grandfather went to Mexico to avoid US law that banned polygamy.  That is why George Romney (Mitt’s father) was born in Mexico.  Since his dad was born to two US citizens, he was in fact an American citizen at birth.