Read These Two Things

First, read this…. Mr. Flynn is gone, having been caught lying about his own discussion of sanctions with the Russian ambassador. But the proposal, a peace plan for Ukraine and Russia, remains, along with those pushing it: Michael D. Cohen, the president’s personal lawyer, who delivered the document; Felix H. Sater, a business associate who […]

Donald Trump in Two Videos

Yesterday this first video was shared everywhere online.  It shows kids singing a pretty awful song at a Trump rally.  I knew right away that they just changed the lyrics the famous song “Over There”.  It seems most did not catch that, so the second video is the original song from a movie about the […]

The Fourth Estate is Burning

Excerpt from Journalism in the Digital AgeThe fact of the matter is that democracy requires informed citizens. No governing body can be expected to operate well without knowledge of the issues on which it is to rule, and rule by the people entails that the people should be informed. In a representative democracy, the role […]

Stop The Insanity, Not Everything Is About Inversion

There are times you hear things over and over and over and over again, and you just can’t take it anymore.  This is one of those times.  Last week Burger King announced that it was buying Tim Horton’s.  Immediately the pundit class went into crazy mode.  “Oh my god Burger King is buying Tim Horton’s […]