Tools of Trump’s Fixer: Payouts, Intimidation and the Tabloids – The New York Times

This article does a good job of explaining what Michael Cohen does for Donald Trump. What the article does not do is explain how dangerous this is.  This is right out of the organized crime playbook, but instead he is the president.  That is having a lawyer who is not doing any legal work, but instead just uses his degree as a way to try and keep some information privileged.  The courts have not been kind to this in the past, but Michael Cohen and Donald Trump are still living in 1970s New York.  

Also it’s really something that we have people in 2018 that look at Roy Cohn as some kind of heroic figure.  That said Nathan Lane will be playing him on Broadway starting in late March in “Angels in America: Millennium Approaches” and I am 100% interested in seeing it! 

The New York Times Had One Job

Donald Trump Unveils Plan for Families in Bid for Women’s Votes – The New York Times

But in selling his case, Mr. Trump stretched the truth, saying that his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, has no such plan of her own and “never will.”

Mrs. Clinton issued her plan more than a year ago, and it guarantees up to 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave for a newborn or a sick relative, financed by an increase in taxes on the wealthiest Americans. On Twitter, her campaign posted a link to her plan after Mr. Trump’s remark.

“Stretch” is the word the New York Times goes with here?  This is what is wrong with the election coverage.  The so called liberal New York Times decides to pretend this is only some minor gaffe, fact check it’s not, and makes it sound like politics as usual.  Earlier in the event Ivanka Trump made the same outrageous claim.  Hillary has had a full plan on her website since the spring, and was doing roundtable events on the subject before then.

P.S. Only offering maternal and not paternal leave is a good way to try and keep women from being able to enter the workforce.  Oh forget that actual thought as that would mean I am taking any proposal from the campaign seriously.