Troy Hunt: Here’s Why Your Static Website Needs HTTPS

My site is secure, so the world can relax.  Was interesting watching a few people go back and forth on this, but read this blog post from Troy and follow is his advice and get yourself an SSL cert if you don’t have one.   via Troy Hunt: Here’s Why Your Static Website Needs HTTPS

Note to Microsoft Press and “Fans”: Stop The Whining

I have not written in a while, but thanks to IFTTT my Instagram photos have been keeping this site full of fun and exciting pictures.  Okay, maybe they are not fun or exciting!  Then I see something that makes me angry, so here I am. This week Facebook is cutting off access to a very […]

Metro Design Lives On…

So it looks like the Metro design language Microsoft used starting with Windows Phone 7 continues on, just not on Windows Phone anymore.  Google is updating their YouTube app on Android, and it looks oddly familiar. New YouTube Interface Rolling Out To Some Users Ditches The Hamburger Menu Many Windows Phone users and developers were […]

First Reaction to Amazon’s New Workmail

Microsoft and Google don’t have to panic yet about Amazon’s new Workmail product.  I spent just a few minutes playing with the preview, and it is evident that it is nowhere close to ready for primetime. A few interesting tidbits.  Right now there is no POP3 or imap support.  Instead Amazon is using Microsoft’s Exchange […]

The New Macbook Might Not Be For You, but Say Thank You

As everyone knows by now Apple did not just introduce a watch on Monday, they showed off their new Macbook.  A really light and thin laptop that has only one port.  That is right, one USB-C port that is used to charge your device as well as being the only way to connect peripherals to […]

Two Images That Show Off the New Microsoft

Frank Shaw, head of communications at Microsoft, tweeted this:   Home screens everywhere, unite! Msft apps/services being used/loved by people wherever they are, on all their devices — Frank X. Shaw (@fxshaw) February 12, 2015   I do see that the individual Office apps are running on an Android phone.  This would be an […]

My Laptop Died, Now What?

A few weeks ago my 3rd generation Intel Core I7 Asus ultrabook started showing signs of end of life.  It decided that it would power off when it felt like it.  This meant it was time for a new machine.  On the day the Asus died, I went out and grabbed a Toshiba Chromebook 2. […]

Android and “Continuity”

One of the big features Apple is promoting in their upcoming iOS 8 mobile operating system and OS X “Yosemite” desktop operating system is the ability to connect all of your Apple devices. They are calling it “Continuity”.  This feature will allow you to answer your phone, respond to texts, and receive other notifications from […]

Google Now Should Be Renamed GMAIL Now

I just responded to an e-mail the same way I have responded to e-mails asking the same question for months now.  The question of course is, “Why does my Galaxy not track my flight info?”.   The answer of course is that the Google Now feature of Android phones is only useful if you use Gmail.  […]