Troy Hunt: Here’s Why Your Static Website Needs HTTPS

My site is secure, so the world can relax.  Was interesting watching a few people go back and forth on this, but read this blog post from Troy and follow is his advice and get yourself an SSL cert if you don’t have one.   via Troy Hunt: Here’s Why Your Static Website Needs HTTPS

My Laptop Died, Now What?

A few weeks ago my 3rd generation Intel Core I7 Asus ultrabook started showing signs of end of life.  It decided that it would power off when it felt like it.  This meant it was time for a new machine.  On the day the Asus died, I went out and grabbed a Toshiba Chromebook 2. […]

Back To The Podcasting…

After a few weeks back we finally recorded a new podcast this week.  Talked mostly Nexus and Chromebook, but hit on a few other points as well.  Look up Agnostic Tech Podcast on your favorite podcast player (Mine is Pocket Casts on iOS and Android) and subscribe.  You can always listen on the Stitcher app or right […]

Android and “Continuity”

One of the big features Apple is promoting in their upcoming iOS 8 mobile operating system and OS X “Yosemite” desktop operating system is the ability to connect all of your Apple devices. They are calling it “Continuity”.  This feature will allow you to answer your phone, respond to texts, and receive other notifications from […]