Small Look Behind the Numbers

Streaming Music Numbers   The streaming firm clocked 40 million ‘Premium’ subscribers in September 2016, having hit the 30 million mark in March, so the growth rate has continued to be fairly consistent. Aside from its $9.99 paid plan, Spotify also offers a more limited free option that it monetizes via ads. Back in […]

3D Touch Actually Can Be Useful

3D Touch for Power Users – MacStories Author: Ryan Christoffel It has been over fifteen months since I began using 3D Touch, and I’m convinced that the true value of it only becomes evident through dedicated practice. If you just use 3D Touch now and then, you may find yourself frustrated by not knowing […]

Note to Microsoft Press and “Fans”: Stop The Whining

I have not written in a while, but thanks to IFTTT my Instagram photos have been keeping this site full of fun and exciting pictures.  Okay, maybe they are not fun or exciting!  Then I see something that makes me angry, so here I am. This week Facebook is cutting off access to a very […]

The New Macbook Might Not Be For You, but Say Thank You

As everyone knows by now Apple did not just introduce a watch on Monday, they showed off their new Macbook.  A really light and thin laptop that has only one port.  That is right, one USB-C port that is used to charge your device as well as being the only way to connect peripherals to […]