Note to Microsoft Press and “Fans”: Stop The Whining

I have not written in a while, but thanks to IFTTT my Instagram photos have been keeping this site full of fun and exciting pictures.  Okay, maybe they are not fun or exciting!  Then I see something that makes me angry, so here I am. This week Facebook is cutting off access to a very […]

Metro Design Lives On…

So it looks like the Metro design language Microsoft used starting with Windows Phone 7 continues on, just not on Windows Phone anymore.  Google is updating their YouTube app on Android, and it looks oddly familiar. New YouTube Interface Rolling Out To Some Users Ditches The Hamburger Menu Many Windows Phone users and developers were […]

A Way To Get Around Slim Margins for PC and Phone OEMs?

After Lenovo’s week from hell, I have been thinking on ways for Microsoft to get their partners to make computers without the cruft that makes these machines unusable and unsafe.  How about Microsoft shares store revenue with manufacturers that install a clean version of Windows for their users?  If you can tell Lenovo and HP […]

Two Images That Show Off the New Microsoft

Frank Shaw, head of communications at Microsoft, tweeted this:   Home screens everywhere, unite! Msft apps/services being used/loved by people wherever they are, on all their devices — Frank X. Shaw (@fxshaw) February 12, 2015   I do see that the individual Office apps are running on an Android phone.  This would be an […]

Back To The Podcasting…

After a few weeks back we finally recorded a new podcast this week.  Talked mostly Nexus and Chromebook, but hit on a few other points as well.  Look up Agnostic Tech Podcast on your favorite podcast player (Mine is Pocket Casts on iOS and Android) and subscribe.  You can always listen on the Stitcher app or right […]