Switching User Default is Wrong, Dead Stop!

When you upgrade to Windows 10 Microsoft will not honor your current default browser settings.  Instead it will change your default browser to their new Edge browser. Firefox came out attacking yesterday, but I am not sure they are the right company or they even delivered the right message when writing their post about this.  Then came the response from many that cover Microsoft defending this absurd decision.

Let’s make a few things clear. If you are writing an article today telling people the steps to change the default browser in Windows 10, your readers are not the people who need this tutorial.  You know who does need it? People like my mom.  She reserved her copy of Windows 10 on her laptop.  She also runs the Chrome browser.  This means when Chrome was installed it asked her if she wanted Chrome to be her default.  So that is done.  Now in the coming days, weeks, or months Windows 10 will be installed on her machine. Like most users she will hit next, next, yes, next, yes, next, and done!  Now when she boots back up into Windows 10, her default browser is Edge.  Microsoft did not care that all her favorites, usernames, and passwords are saved in Chrome.  Microsoft made the decision to push their browser, which is not even complete yet, onto the masses.  My non technical mom will not know where to go, and no she will not read your blog post on how to switch it.  

I know this is a new era at Microsoft, and Windows is now an agile service that can be fixed on the fly.  Well some advice to Redmond, fix this setting before you start rolling out Windows 10 to the next group of people.  Some advice for those defending this crap, if Marco Arment can write an article going after Apple software you can be honest about this as well.

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