Sanity Over Party

It is easy for some of us to say “country over party”. When you feel you have the moral high ground it feels good lecturing others on how they should vote. This is not one of those times. This is not about country or party, this is not about politics as usual, and this is not about being on the winning or losing teams. This is about real life consequences. Donald Trump does not understand nuclear weapons, and defense is the one part of the Executive where the power is not as limited as some of us would like.

If you are a Republican, Donald Trump is not your guy. I am a proud Democrat, but our system only works when we have two (or more) thriving parties where real ideas are spoken and compromise is found. Trump does not represent anything you stand for. If he wins, the GOP does not win, the US loses. Fight to hold control of the Legislature, and go to work with President Clinton. The same Hillary Clinton who you all praised as a great legislator and quickly approved as Secretary of State. Our institutions have been tested before, and once again they will pass this test.

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