Same Site, Blank Slate

I have kept some sort of a blog on and off for well over a decade now.  During that time I have moved from hosting provider to hosting provider and from service to service.  Always trying to export the old data to keep my old gibberish still around.  I have found myself not posting anything lately because I never had “a lot” to say.  I might have a fleeting thought, but not something that required some long form post.  Those thoughts do take more than 140 characters so as a self proclaimed hater of “tweetstorms” I can’t put them on Twitter.  That is where this site comes in.  Even if I just have a simple thought, or a link to share I am going to put it right here.  You might also find a few pictures, or some stupid thing I saw online.  As someone who believes we should own our data, this site will pretty much become my Facebook feed.  I will continue to share out the links to other sites, but the data will live here.  Run by me, and owned by me.

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