Republicans Blocking Sandy Relief Bill (not really shocking)

In a not so shocking news update, Republicans are trying to block the Sandy relief bill.  First the Senate Republicans insisted on having Hurricane Issac and the Mississippi core of engineers be part of the bill in order to get it out of committee.  Then the house Republicans say they won’t pass the bill because it includes things not for Sandy.  So they intentionally add crap to the bill in the Senate so they have a reason to kill the bill in the house.  The truth is the reason this bill is held up is because of where the storm hit.  These congressmen come from states that suck from the nipple of the states that were hit by this storm.  They take a lot more federal money than they send in, but when the time comes to help those who actually fund our government this is what happens.  Every election matters, not just presidential years.
Good read on the topic from ABC news

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