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The Night Warren Zevon Left the Late Show’ Building - The Ringer

Warren Zevon appeared on Late Show With David Letterman on October 30, 2002. That summer, he had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Doctors gave him a few months to live. To say goodbye to the musician who had graced his stage dozens of times over the previous two decades, Letterman devoted a full episode to him. There were no Hollywood stars promoting a movie, no musical guests debuting a new single. It was just Zevon. He and Letterman chatted, and then he played three songs.

The Ringer does some great stuff, but this is right near the top. Looking back at an amazing moment where Warren Zevon got to say goodbye to the world. Zevon is both highly regarded and still underrated as a songwriter. If you have never listened I have linked one Greatest Hits album from the 1980s, but go look for more.

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October 29, 2022