Religious Diversity May Be Making America Less Religious

Religious Diversity May Be Making America Less Religious | FiveThirtyEight

Diversity is now simply a fact of American religious life. It does not signal the end of religion, but it may make it easier for Americans to abstain from religious involvement and encourage other types of spiritual and philosophical explorations. It may also make atheists more willing to “come out,” something that can be exceedingly difficult especially in very religious communities. Organized religion has never been in jeopardy of dying out due to a single traumatic event. Instead, it is a cumulative series of unanswered challenges that pose the greatest risk. Religious diversity might not represent a dramatic threat to religion, but it may represent another small hole in an already sinking ship.

Really good read.  Around the world you have religious extremist being louder than ever, and the reason might just be they are fighting to be relevant or even needed.  

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