Own Your Information With Known

With so many services and social networks it is hard to keep track of what information you are sharing where.  This is one of the reasons I have this site.  While I enjoy and use all of today’s social media services like Twitter and Facebook, where the data is and what happens to it should be something in the back of all our of minds.  

A new service call “Known” helps with this problem.  You can host the service on your web server or setup a hosted account.  Then use it to share your comments, links, photos, etc all across the web.  With built in social sharing to sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Four Square your friends will still see all you want them to see.  One of my favorite parts of this service is their mobile website.  No, they don’t have an app.  They don’t need one.  The mobile site works flawlessly on all platforms, and lets you share anything you want right from your phone.  

I am going to use Known as my primary link sharing service.  I have put a link to my Known site right on the menu bar here.  Go setup an account over at www.withknown.com and let me know what you are using it for.     

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