My First Impressions of the iPhone5

I just had my first hands on experience with the new iPhone and after being a huge fan for years, I think they have gone totally off the reservation.  The form factor is just strange.  The idea of making the screen longer without making it wider is a big miss.  It has the form factor of a universal remote control out of the 1990’s.
Now Apple still has the best app ecosystem, and many people are locked in with a lot of money invested in apps.  For those people, yes it is a no brainer if you need a new phone.  However, if you are not locked in to any platform there are a lot more options out there.  You have the Samsung Galaxy S3 which has gotten a lot of attention along with a much bigger phone in the Galaxy Note 2 coming out, both on the Android platform.  In the last few weeks even Microsoft has made some noise with announcements by HTC and Nokia about upcoming Windows 8 phones which have gotten great reviews. Then there is Blackberry, okay you can ignore them. You may still like the iPhone best, but don’t make the decision without checking out some other options.

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