Microsoft’s Skype Screwing Their Own

According to Mary Jo Foley at ZDNET:

Microsoft’s Skype division has rolled out a beta of its new video-messaging capability for Skype on February 15. It works on iOS, Mac and Android versions of Skype.

What about Windows, Windows 8 and Windows Phone? Video-messaging support has not been added on these platforms, and Skype officials are not providing a date as to when it will be, though it supposedly is (at least on Windows and Windows 8, based on what Skype told The Verge).

So two years ago Microsoft spends billions on Skype, and yet the Skype team is still adding features for non Windows platforms first.  I am a very happy Windows Phone 8 user, but find it inexcusable that the Skype app is still in beta. Now add this on top and you begin to wonder what is going on over in Redmond? Microsoft is known for having different teams of employees working on different projects without talking to each other, but that approach is just going to screw over their customer base.  We keep hearing that they are starting to unify everything, well my advice don’t talk about it and just do it.

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