Microsoft’s Free Office

wordwebappHow many times have people asked me, do you have a copy of office I can use?  Well outside of the fact that asking someone for a program that costs hundreds of dollars does take some sort of balls, or as us Jews say “Chutzpah” there is a free alternative that will work for most people.  If you were expecting me to say Google Docs or Open Office, you would be wrong.  The answer to your problems is Microsoft Office Web Apps.
Microsoft offers a limited version of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on the web that will handle most of your needs just fine.  The best way to use this is by going to and setting up a Microsoft account.  Right from there you can create and store any Office document you want.  The site also offers storage, sharing, and collaboration tools for free.  These files you create and save are fully compatible with the versions of Office you use on the desktop every day.

If you find yourself needing the full version of Office, Microsoft is using subscription pricing.  For $99 dollars a year you get the latest version of Office installed on up to five computers.  You can go to to see more about this.

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