Microsoft’s Dangerous Gamble

Well it is Windows 10 week.  While details are still a little sketchy, we do know that some users will start to get their Windows 10 upgrade this week.  There will also be some new hardware available from their “partners” at Dell, Lenovo, HP, and others.  

I am glad to see those OEM partners coming out with new hardware at launch.  They are the reason Windows 10 is coming out this week, and not in October.  As Paul Thurrott has written on his site, the OEM partners have been pushing Microsoft to move up this release so they could get out new hardware for back to school. I mean after the Windows 8 disaster these companies feel that Microsoft owes them.  So Microsoft decided to go along and release what they have ready now, and has promised that other features will come later.  Many will come in the fall when Windows 10 should be launching.

Here is the thing though.  These OEMs who pushed Microsoft into this July launch are going to be the first to throw Microsoft under the bus if this launch does not go well.  They will be the first people to start releasing public apologies blaming Microsoft for bugs that are going to be in these early releases of Windows 10.  

Microsoft had a choice on a timeline, and they capitulated to Dell, HP, and others.  While I understand why they want to get new hardware out for back to school, I also would like to know where HP would go if Microsoft said they had to wait until October?  We will know in a few days if this gamble paid off.  

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