Maybe I’m An Outlier

I understand that Windows 8 at launch had issues.  However, by the time we got Windows 8 Update 1, I was thrilled where the OS had gone.  Now I have been using the Windows 10 technical preview for a few months, including the latest big release that was put out yesterday.  I want my 8.1 back! The way the new start menu goes full screen is a step backwards, and how the start screen looks in full mode is hideous.  The task bar on the bottom is a non starter.

I get that this is an ongoing process, and Microsoft has done a great job of responding so far to users feedback.  I will continue to test, and provide my own thoughts.  I just can’t help but think that Windows 8.1 + Spartan + a touch version of Office + Cortana would have made a great OS.

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