Let’s Make a Deal Alabama

I know we have heard this story before, but it seems that some in Alabama want to ignore the federal court ruling on recognizing gay marriage in the state.  Alabama ignoring the courts when it comes to civil rights? I know….crazy!

The Alabama Supreme Court handed down a special ruling Tuesday, ordering a stop to the issuance of same-sex marriage licenses by probate judges.

Shortly after a federal court judge ruled Alabama’s ban on same-sex marriages is not constitutional, Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore handed down an order banning probate judges from issuing same-sex licenses.

Read More: http://www.waff.com/story/28254221/al-supreme-court-orders-halt-to-same-sex-marriage-licenses

Okay Alabama, let’s make a deal.  You continue to ignore civil rights rulings, and you don’t have to make any more payments to the federal government.  Of course in return you get no money from the federal government.  Being a welfare state you would want this since your state leaders hate all of those “takers”.  Well the whole state is a taker.  Alabama gets back $1.66 for every dollar they send to Washington.  So you want to ignore things like voting rights, civil rights, marriage rights, etc?  Fine, then the rest of the country should not have to pick up your tab.  Just don’t come calling the next time a hurricane is baring down on the coast!  This might be a bit harsh, but some of us remember that after Sandy members of the Alabama delegation in Washington voted against helping those in the north east.

Let’s just call this tough love.



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