Leave Susan G. Komen Foundation On The Sideline

A few months ago I wrote a long post describing the problems with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. This was in response to the outcry over the foundation pulling funding from Planned Parenthood to align with its right wing agenda.
After a public backlash, Komen reinstated the funding to Planned Parenthood. One big thing did not change. While they were cutting funds to help with early detection, they were also stopping funding for stem cell research. This again was to align with with the religious right of American politics. Their position on stem cell research has not changed.

As we promote breast cancer awareness this month, please consider supporting other charities and foundations that put a women’s health and finding a cure to a disease that hurts so many ahead of its political ideology. Some things should not be political and this is one of them. People of all political parties, races, religions, and social standing contract this disease and we need charities and government to support the best research.

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