Is R.A. Dickey Having The Mets Best Pitching Season Ever?

R.A. Dickey is now 19-6 for the 2012 Mets.  That gives him a winning percentage of .760 on a team that currently has a winning percentage of .450.  If you take out Dickey’s win loss record from this year, the Mets winning percentage is .389.  Now look at the year Dwight Gooden had in 1985, which many Mets fans consider the best season of any Mets pitcher in history.  Gooden that year had a record of 24-4, which gives him a winning percentage of .857 on a team that ended with a winning percentage of .604.  In games Gooden did not get a decision, the Mets ended with a winning percentage of  .552.
So Dickey this year is outperforming the team by 37% while Gooden was 30% better then the rest of the 1985  Mets.  Gooden did have a lower ERA and more strikeouts, which some would argue would be put his season ahead of Dickey’s.  I would argue that Dickey doing what he is doing on a team that has been putrid since the end of June is the most impressive pitching performance ever by a Met.   Either way, the fact we can have this discussion is one of the most mind boggling baseball events I have seen in my life.  Even during an awful 2012 season, it is nice to have something to root for as a Mets fan.  Let’s hope Dickey gets to 20 wins this week.

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