Is CNN For Real?

CNN just posted on their website an article titled “Is Obama ‘The Wrong Kind Of Christian“.  Now you can read this crap for yourself, but it makes me wonder what world I am living in.

We have one candidate who tells us that he won’t impose his religious views on the people, and then another candidate who tells us that his faith leads him to every decision.  Romney is so devout that he has never had a sip of alcohol or coffee, was a pastor in the church for ten years, went on a mission to spread the ‘Book of Mormon’ to get out of serving in Vietnam, gives millions of dollars a year to the church, and yet somehow his religion has become taboo to speak about.

I have to wonder if Mitt Romney’s middle name was Hussein, or if his skin was a little darker that he might be getting a few more questions about being so involved in his faith?  Next time you hear Mitt Romney decry the outrage of gay marriage based on his beliefs and the beliefs of “the creator”, maybe you should read up on what else he believes in. If the media wants to have this debate, let’s have it.  I want the moderator tonight to ask if Mitt is wearing his magic underwear?

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