If You’re Using Google Docs, Stop!

No, I am not going to tell you to leave Google Docs for Microsoft Office.  I don’t believe those two products compete.  Office is still the best tool when it comes to the big important projects for life and business.  There is no part of the Docs suite that can compete with Word, Excel, or Powerpoint.  Google Docs can work for simple tasks where you need to collaborate with others.  

A few years ago another tool was released to the world called Quip.  It came out as a mobile first product with a web presence.  Like Docs, it is great for your everyday word processing work with really good sharing and collaboration tools built in.  Since then Quip has been adding tons of features.  It now has a simple spreadsheet, and also includes a Slack like chat feature.  Two weeks ago Quip became my go to when they released desktop apps for both Windows and the Mac.  Adding this to the already great mobile apps has made Quip a great alternative for many people.   It offers a tool to export to both Word and PDF, and if you are a writer that enjoys Markdown, Quip works for you as well.

For me Quip is not going to replace my Microsoft Office Suite, but it is quickly replacing Evernote and has been my go to for writing posts like this one.  

Give Quip a try today!

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